Day two - 'It is REALLY not normally like this here' ...

30 May 2017

'It is REALLY not normally like this here' ... a phrase frequently uttered at a World Championships and so it has proven on day two here at Club Nàutic S'Arenal. There was a short postponement and then as the postponement flag came down so did the rain with such enthusiasm that the English and German competitors really started to think they were at home; However, the home fleet launched not knowing what it is like to sail in the rain at Palma ...

The fleet gathered at the starting area with a northerly breeze of 7-9 knots ... the fleet were so keen that they started well in advance of the gun leading to a general recall.

The second start got away under black flag; Paul Dijkstra (NED) made a great start at the pin end and lead a group of sailors to the left of the course; but the starboard end starters had peeled off early seeking advantage on the right. The latter group were ultimately rewarded with a reasonably significant shift to the right resulting in the leading group footing into the mark with some pace.

First round was John Evans (GBR) followed by Ian Trotter (GBR), Ronald Konitzer (ESP) and Wayne Bates (AUS)

The leading group then mostly gybe set as now the course was quite skewed by the wind shift so the race officer then signalled a change of course setting a new windward mark.

The fleet then reached the second windward mark and again gybe set in breeze that was swinging further right ... as the leaders headed towards the finish the wind had gone even further right at which point the race team abandoned the race judging that the conditions were not allowing a fair competition.

The fleet were then held in the race area whilst the race team assessed the conditions; after a short wait it was clear that the conditions would not allow further racing today so the fleet were signalled ashore.

On arrival the fleet enjoyed pasta and drinks on the beach then put their boats away.

Tonight the class will assemble for a skippers meeting to discuss future events for the class.